PRAWO I ADMINISTRACJA GEOLOGICZNA Ochrona złóż kopalin – wybrane zagadnienia

Jacek Murzydło


Protection of mineral deposits – selected issues.
A b s t r a c t. The aim of the article is to analyze and indicate the basic principles of protecting mineral deposits at the stage of their exploitation. Despite the successively decreasing resources of mineral deposits and the increasing importance of environmental protection, not all aspects of the protection of these deposits have been transparently regulated by law, an example of which may be terms that appear therein which do not have legal definitions, such as rational mining and management of minerals or comprehensive mining and development of a mineral. The article introduces the essence of the mineral deposit, the regulations on the protection of mineral deposits contained in the Environmental Protection Law and the Geological and Mining Law, as well as the related obligations of entrepreneurs engaged in the extraction of minerals from deposits.

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