Zastosowanie ziemskich izotopów kosmogenicznych w datowaniu glin lodowcowych – potencjał, ograniczenia i perspektywy badawcze

Karol Tylmann, Damian Moskalewicz


Application of in situ cosmogenic nuclides in dating glacial till – research potential, limitations and prospects.
A b s t r a c t. Determination of numerical age for glacial till is one of the most intriguing issues in glacial geology and geomorphology. Till layers are unequivocal evidence of ice sheets advances and retreats, and therefore they are very important for Quaternary palaeoclimatic reconstructions. Herein, we present a review dedicated to the methodology of glacial till dating with in situ cosmogenic nuclides. This relatively novel approach enables direct dating of deposition of till and its exposure after deglaciation. Getting reliable numerical age (in years) of till opens a new prospect for reconstructions of past glaciations and palaeogeographic studies. Despite some limitations of applying in situ cosmogenic exposure and burial dating, we argue that this technique may be successfully employed in studies of glacial deposits in Poland.

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