ARTYKUŁY I KOMUNIKATY NAUKOWE Ocena kruszyw granitowych stosowanych do betonu pod względem wystąpienia potencjalnej reaktywności alkalicznej

Wiktor Jasiński, Andrzej Duszyński, Łukasz Jórdeczka, Aneta Pryga-Szulc


Assessment of granite aggregates applied to concrete in respect of the occurrence of potential alkaline reactivity.
A b s t r a c t. The study deals with granite aggregates of various fractions, originating from Polish and foreign deposits, used for concrete in communication engineering. The article discusses the issue of cement reaction with granite aggregate during exposure under specific climatic conditions and how it affects the durability of concrete structures. Granite aggregates were used to prepare concrete beams that were subjected to research analysis according to PN-EN and ASTM. Particular attention was paid to processes occurring between reactive minerals (including chalcedony, opal, tridimite, and highly-strained quartz) and the alkalis present in cement. Research methods and results of alkaline reactivity tests on granite aggregate trabecula are presented. They were carried out at the Concrete and Aggregate Division of the Road and Bridge Research Institute – Wrocław Branch. The paper also presents the analysis of research results and criteria to which potentially reactive aggregates are subject.

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