Identyfikacja i możliwość przystosowania łupków powęglowych z pirytem do stosowania w budownictwie drogowym

Andrzej Duszyński, Wiktor Jasiński, Łukasz Jórdeczka, Aneta Pryga-Szulc


Identification and adaptation of coaly shales with pyrite for use in road construction.
A b s t r a c t. Coaly shale is a full-fledged aggregate for road construction, which can be obtained through proper control and processing, meeting the performance characteristics for the application in the construction of embankments. In Poland, from current production and resources at landfills, coaly shale with a pyrite content above 1% is a great potential for road construction. It requires adaptation, including on eliminating the possibility of bacteria decomposing this pyrite or its neutralization using limestone materials. At the same time, taking into account the weaknesses of coaly shale landfills (in terms of self-ignition and decomposition), the type of coaly shale and pyrite raw material can be identified as ways of using aggregates from these raw materials for the construction of embankments in the appropriate construction technology.

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