Zastosowanie skanera rdzeni wiertniczych do wstępnych badań petrograficznych na przykładzie skał magmowych z profili trzech wierceń w bloku małopolskim

Katarzyna Jarmołowicz-Szulc


Use of a core scanner for preliminary petrographic studies exemplified by magmatic rocks from three borehole sections in the Małopolska Block.
A b s t r a c t. Scanning of fragments of drill cores from the Myszków–Mrzyg³ód area was performed using the DM CoreScan V3 tool. Rocks for further investigations have been selected on the basis of both the scanned images obtained and the archive data. Granitoids were analyzed, the main components of which are quartz, feldspars and mica, well distinguished in the scans. Further detailed mineralogical-petrological analyses were performed in thin and/or double-sided polished sections. That was an introduction to the geochronological research on biotite and/or zircon.

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