Możliwości występowania gazu zamkniętego w piaskowcach środkowego kambru zachodniej części obniżenia bałtyckiego (wyniesienie Łeby) – wstępna analiza na podstawie danych petrofizycznych i geofizyki otworowej

Teresa Adamczak-Biały, Jolanta Pacześna


Prospects of tight gas occurrence in the Middle Cambrian sandstones in the western part of the Baltic Depression (Łeba Elevation) – introductory analysis based on petrophysical and well logging data.
A b s t r a c t. The main purpose of this article is an approximation of petrophysical parameters in selected borehole sections in the Łeba Elevation. The parameters are among the most important factors affecting the possibility of unconventional gas accumulation. The other factors explaining the possibility of tight gas accumulations in the Middle Cambrian sandstones of the Łeba Elevation are hydrocarbon shows in cores and drilling mud and the presence of conventional hydrocarbon fields. The potential hydrocarbon resources are related to the Dębki and Białogóra Formations. They are composed of fine-grained sandstones. The thickness of the Dębki Formation ranges up to 100 m. The tickness of the Białogóra Formation does not exceed 10 m. The analysis of petrophysical parameters of these formations indicates that their tight gas saturation has a layered character. The Dębki Formation shows a better potential for tight gas accumulation.

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