Geologia w Wielkopolsce – od przeszłości po współczesność

Błażej Berkowski, Jerzy Fedorowski, Janusz Skoczylas


Geology in Greater Poland – fromthe past to the present.
A b s t r a c t. The full-time studies in geology started in Poznań in 1919, i.e.when the Piast University (Wszechnica Piastowska) were established, soon after renamed to the Poznań University. Three institutes, namely Geology, Mineralogy and Palaeontology, were created. Scientists employed in those institutes produced nearly 8% of all papers in geology, published in Poland before the Second World War. Already in the academic year 1945/1946, a very small teaching team, lead by Professor K. Smulikowski, re-established the full-time studies in geology at the Poznań University, active until 1952. Only 18 students were able to receive their MSc degrees during that time. From 1952 to 1988, the full-time studies in geology were suspended. The small Chair of Geology offered courses in geology for biology and geography students first, and exclusively for geography afterwards. However, the scientific personnel of the Chair was very active in scientific investigations and publishing. Eight persons, five of them from the outside, received their PhD degrees in geology and palaeontology from the Chair. The intensive effort, started in 1987, resulted in the re-establishment of the full-time studies in Geology at Adam Mickiewicz University in the academic year 1988/1989. Following that important event and thanks to the full-time employment of several outstanding professors in geology, mineralogy, hydrogeology and palaeontology, the Chair of Geology was elevated in November 1990 to the level of the Institute of Geology. In 1992, the Institute of Geology received its permanent seat occupied to date. In 1994, the first geology students were graduated. From that time and until 2019, we graduated 378 BSc, 1017 MSc, 72 PhD and 23 DSc (habilitation), and 11 scientists received the scientific title of full professor.

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