ARTYKUŁY INFORMACYJNE Reakcja wód tatrzańskich systemów wywierzyskowych na katastrofalne zjawiska atmosferyczne

Grzegorz Barczyk


The reaction of the Tatra’s vaucluse water systems to catastrophic weather events.
A b s t r a c t. Long-term observation of the Tatra Mountains have allowed the determination of the degree of sensitivity of waters circulating in karst vaucluse systems to atmospheric phenomena. The correlation coefficients for r fluctuations in the water table in Tatra vaucluse springs clearly show that during the period from the beginning of the monitoring, in the 1980s, to the mid-2010s (2013), the waters of all Tatra vaucluse springs reacted in a similar way. Disastrous storms that, at the turn of 2013 caused huge damage to the vegetation covering the areas of the Polish part of the Western Tatras, contributed to the intensification of surface erosion processes and, as a consequence, to uncovering outcrops of karst rocks. An analysis of correlation relationships between fluctuations in the water table in the Tatra vaucluse springs in the period after 2013 showed a clear change in the value of the correlation coefficient r in relation to the waters circulating in the Wywierzysko Chochołowskie vaucluse system.

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