PRAWO I ADMINISTRACJA GEOLOGICZNA Wpływ regulacji dotyczącej stanu zagrożenia epidemią (stanu epidemii) koronawirusa na problematykę regulowaną Prawem geologicznym i górniczym

Aleksander Lipiński


The impact of the COVID-19 regulations on the issues regulated by the Geological and Mining Law.
A b s t r a c t. An epidemic threat (or state of epidemic) means that the state’s activity is subject to many restrictions. This also applies to entrepreneurs, including those who are operating under the Geological and Mining Act. The most significant changes apply to administrative proceedings, including decisions regulated by GMA. An additional difficulty is that these solutions are unstable. They partly relied on the rule that procedural time limits governed by administrative law were not running (or were suspended). The Act of 14 May 2020 removes this solution and introduces a rule that the above time limits started to run within seven days after entering this act into force. In principle, however, there are no provisions that change the legal situation of the entrepreneur, and, in particular, lead to the extension of the binding force of the decision necessary to conduct business regulated by the provisions of GMA.

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