O Solidarności sprzed lat

Grażyna Niemczynow-Burchart


About Solidarity from years ago.
A b s r a c t. In the 100 years’ history of the Polish Geological Institute, the “Solidarność” conspiracy after the imposition of the martial law on 13th December was a unique experience. Despite very severe restrictions, the original organizational structures continued to function in clandestine fashion. Membership dues were collected by designated trusted persons, thereby permitting the purchase of underground printed books and periodicals to be distributed among the Union members or handed over to our clandestine library. The funds were also used to help Union members in need, or to support artists who refused to appear in government-controlled media. Many of us joined the yearly pilgrimage to Czêstochowa, demonstrating their anti-governmental attitude. In 1986, with other geological communities, a further pilgrimage was made to Rome where a banner with a “Solidarność” emblem was posted on St. Peter’s Square. Our members were present on each patriotic demonstration organized by the headquarters of “Solidarnność” on various occasions and brutally surpressed by militia, and attended the funerals of Grzegorz Przemyk and Father Jerzy Popiełuszko, both tortured to death by the security service. Despite all the restrictions, our clandestine Union survived until the fall of the communist regime in 1989, which can be credited to the PGI’s crew attitude.

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