System Banku HYDRO – powstanie, funkcjonowanie i kierunki jego rozwoju w Państwowym Instytucie Geologicznym w latach 1972–2019

Lesław Skrzypczyk, Agnieszka Felter, Sylwiusz Pergół, Dorota Palak-Mazur, Szymon Forst


The HYDRO Bank system – functioning and development at the Polish Geological Institute in the years 1972–2019.
A b s t r a c t. An important task of the Polish Geological Institute acting as the state geological and hydrogeological surveys is to collect geological data and information for the entire country. One of the most important components of the Institute's data processing system is the HYDRO Bank, whose information resources include attribute and spatial information on groundwater intakes. Since its establishment in the early 1970s, the HYDRO Bank has been using IT high technologies. Currently, the database resources are being updated and made available exploiting the web application SPD PSH enabling users to access information in a controlled way using a web browser. The information from the database is the basis for the majority of national studies in the field of hydrogeology, cartography, environmental protection, and regional development, carried out by geological enterprises, research institutes, universities, and government administration.

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