Mapa Geośrodowiskowa Polski – aktualny stan realizacji i plany na przyszłość

Olimpia Kozłowska, Anna Gabryś-Godlewska, Joanna Krasuska, Paulina Kostrz-Sikora


Geoenvironmental Map of Poland – the current implementation status and future plans.
A b s t r a c t. The article describes the Geoenvironmental Map of Poland that has been developing at the PGI-NRI since 1997. In 2019, work on its last, third edition was completed. Over the years, the scope of data developed in the project has been expanded. The form of map sharing and the way of data presentation have also been modernized. For example, the last map edition was made in GIS technology, with the vector topographic database VMap Level 2 used as a topographic background. The map consisted of 21 layers, grouped in eight thematic layers presented graphically on two boards (board A and board B). One continuous database was created for all information layers as an integral part of the project. The map data are shared through web services and reporting tools that allow direct and easy access to their resource. The information and data collected and developed within the map have many uses and are used by a wide range of entities, e.g. state and local government authorities, investors, companies and universities (examples are described in the paper). Therefore, now the project will be continued in a changed, modern form. Its key elements will be: database maintenance, constant data update and map generation for current orders.

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