Rola Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego w popularyzacji geologii w społeczeństwie

Krystyna Wołkowicz, Włodzimierz Mizerski, Monika Krzeczyńska


The role of Polish Geological Institute in promoting geology in society.
A b s t r a ct. In the field of geological education conducted by the Polish Geological Institute (PGI), the Geological Museum has traditionally played the main role. Geological collections have been gathered already since the establishment of the PGI in 1919, and over time, the exhibition and educational activities, popularizing geological knowledge in society, have been continued. Currently, an increasing number of PGI employees, also from outside the Museum, are involved in the education conducted by PGI, which allows the Institute to go “outside the Museum Exhibition Hall” – directly into society. This is marked, among others, by the participation in an increasing number of mass outdoor events, as well as by the increasing activity in the protection of geological heritage in Poland. In the future, special emphasis must be paid on education about the necessity and inevitability and, finally, the acceptance of exploitation of rawmaterials, because we, as a society and individual entities, use things created fromthe processing of mineral resources every day.

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