Modelowanie geostatystyczne osadów dennych zbiornika retencyjnego pod kątem określenia oporności filtracyjnej

Jacek Gurwin, Mikołaj Łotocki


Geostatistical modelling of bottom sediments of the retention reservoir in terms of determining filtration resistance.
A b s t r a c t. In hydrogeological research it is extremely important to skillfully determine the interaction between groundwater and surface water sespecially for determining groundwater resources. It is worth devoting a sufficient attention to obtaining field data of the permeability of riverbed sediments or surface reservoirs bottom sediments. Therefore, having a very good recognition of the bottom sediment lithology for the Turawa reservoir, it was possible to make a spatial model of lithological variability. Finally, 11 lithophases were separated and a 3D model of the sediment block was established. The volumes of individual layers as the total volume and mass of bottom sediments were also calculated.