Możliwości i ograniczenia rozbudowy nadmorskich ujęć wód na przykładzie Łeby

Mirosław Lidzbarski, Andrzej Sadurski


Possibilities and limitations of development of coastal intakes – a case study for the town of Łeba.
A b s t r a c t. A characteristic feature of coastal intakes located in tourist resorts is the unevenness of water abstraction from groundwater intakes. The greatest water consumption rates on the municipal intake in Łeba occurs during the tourist season. The reserves of daily production are almost depleted in such a period. The article presents the procedure and research methods recommended when analyzing the possibilities and restrictions on the development of coastal intakes, exemplified by the town of Łeba. Two stages of research are proposed; the first of which is discussed in detail. It is intended to indicate the possibilities of extending the existing intake in Łebieniec and to indicate prospective areas. Formal legal conditions and environmental restrictions are analyzed, with particular emphasis on the water circulation system, hydrogeological conditions and geogenic hazards.

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