Problematyka dotycząca uzyskania zgody na wydobycie surowców skalnych poniżej zwierciadła wód podziemnych na przykładzie wybranych kopalń w regionie świętokrzyskim

Katarzyna Białecka, Marcin Kos


Problems related to obtaining the mining concessions for extraction of industrial minerals beneath the groundwater table – examples from selected quarries in the Holy Cross Mts. region.
A b s t r a c t. The Holy Cross Mts. region is a very important mining district of industrial minerals used in the building industry, road construction and cement/lime manufacturing. Due to high demand for construction aggregates, the owners of mineral deposits apply to local authorities for permits to extract industrial minerals from beneath the groundwater table. However, some local authorities do not grant such permits in order to prevent the impact of mine drainage related to such extraction on admissible volumes of groundwater in local intakes. The paper presents the consecutive stages of administrative procedure, starting from the entry of mining operations (beneath the groundwater table) to the local zoning plan until the granting of the legal permit for specified use of inland waters (i.e. for mine drainage). Problems encountered during the granting procedure of the permit are presented as case studies of selected quarries from the £agów region and of the “Celiny” limestone quarry.

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