Zmiany warunków wodnych wskutek działalności górniczej w rejonie Gałęzice–Bolechowice–Borków w Górach Świętokrzyskich

Jan Prażak, Joanna Bruczyńska, Dorota Kaczor-Kurzawa, Tomasz Młyńczak


Changes of hydrologic conditions due to mining operations in the Ga³êzice–Bolechowice–Borków region, Holy Cross Mountains.
A b s t r a c t. In the Gałęzice–Bolechowice–Borków region, located in the Holy CrossMountains, several limestone and dolomite quarries are currently in operation. Deep drainage of these quarries caused the formation of a large regional depression cone that affected numerous groundwater intakes, including those supplying potable water for communes, and a large intake in the Dyminy quarter of Kielce. The range of the depression cone will increase in the future, both vertically and laterally, due to expanding extraction of industrial stones from continuously deepened mining levels. Prognoses of further changes of hydrologic conditions in the region and their impact on admissible volumes of groundwater resources available in particular intakes are calculated using the stationary mathematical model.

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