Charakterystyka głównych geotypów obszarowych ocen podatności wód podziemnych na zanieczyszczenia

Przemysław Bukowski, Ewa Krogulec, Andrzej Haładus


The characteristics of main area geotypes for the evaluation of groundwater vulnerability to pollution.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents a proposal of the classification of hydrogeological and environmental conditions in relation to different intensities of the impact of factors affecting groundwater threat in assessments of groundwater vulnerability to pollution. Due to the complexity and high degree of transformation of the natural environment, including aquatic, types of areas subjected to ordinary and strong anthropopressure, the so-called Area Geotypes (GO), are distinguished and discussed. The main factors characterizing the impact of mining activity on the water environment (typical and specific) are discussed, and the mine’s characteristics are highlighted, emphasizing its role and importance as an influator constituting a large, multifactorial source threatening the groundwater environment. The role of the mine as an influator is presented against the background of the mine’s “life cycle”(development phases) along with an indication of the desirability of carrying out assessments of groundwater vulnerability to pollution and groundwater threat assessments. The need to develop legal regulations regarding the preparation of vulnerability assessments is indicated.

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