Znaczenie warunków geologicznych i geomorfologicznych dla rozwoju i współczesnego stanu torfowisk Niecki Nidziańskiej

Daniel Okupny, Witold Jucha


Significance of geological and geomorphological conditions for development and the contemporary state of peatlands in the Nida Basin.
A b s t r a c t. Synthetic studies of biogenic deposits made on a regional scale reveal how the geological structure and land relief have been affecting the development of limnic and peat sediments. The research was made in the Nida Basin, which is the region of great diversity of natural landscape in southern Poland and has a relatively large area of peatlands. The conclusions have been based on SRTM interpretation, hydrogeological documentations of deposits near Busko-Zdrój, and field and laboratory works. The spring-fed fen at Zwierzyniec, along with the fen at Mikułowice, has been forming on the densest complexes of alkaline fens in the Małopolska Upland. The calcareous tufa includes records of chemical denudation occurring in the southern part of the Pińczów Hump in the Late Weichselian and Holocene.

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