Krajobraz poeksploatacyjny kamieniołomu Liban w Krakowie

Roksana Zarychta


The post-mining landscape of the Liban quarry in Cracow.
A b s t r a c t. The paper concerns the Liban quarry in Cracow, which is located in the Podgórze district of Cracow. It shows the outline of the geological structure and history of quarrying, while the current topography and dominant elements of the relief of this object are discussed in more detail. Anthropogenic changes in the natural environment of the quarry have revealed its geodiversity and enhanced its biodiversity. It contains vertical rocky walls, debris cones, waste-heaps, a vast undulated surface of the quarry bottom, as well as diverse flora and fauna.Within the borders of the Liban quarry, the remains of industrial buildings and the staging for the film entitled “Schindler’s List” have survived. Despite the fact that the extraction has already finished a long time ago, the quarry has not been systematically reclaimed or developed.

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