Z MINIONYCH CZASÓW Profesor Jan Kutek – wybitny badacz jury, stratygraf, sedymentolog i tektonik

Jerzy B. Miecznik


Professor Jan Kutek – outstanding researcher of the Jurassic System, stratigrapher, sedimentologist and tectonicist.
A b s t r a c t. Jan Kutek (1935–2013), Polish geologist graduated from the University of Warsaw, and then its Professor. He was an outstanding researcher of the Upper Jurassic and the creator of the internationally important centre for Jurassic study at the University of Warsaw, especially in the field of stratigraphy and its methodology. He devoted many years to the study of Volgian deposits in Poland and to detailed biostratigraphic correlation of Volgian and Tithonian formations. He also worked on the tectonics of the Polish Lowlands, tectonic evolution of the Holy Cross Mountains during the Alpine epoch, and the origin of the Danish-Polish Furrow, interpreting it as an asymmetric rift structure. He was interested in the issue of time in the geological history of the Earth and the hypothesis of the applicability of unorthodox concepts of time in geology.

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