Jaskinie Polski – nowy internetowy serwis Centralnej Bazy Danych Geologicznych PIG-PIB

Jerzy Grodzicki, Ewa Machalska


The Caves of Poland – new internet service of Central Geological Database of the PGI-NRI.
A b s t r a c t. The Caves of Poland is a popular science internet service about Polish caves. It is based on first Polish open access database containing data on localization, geology, biology, hydrology and history of all Polish caves as well as their planes and cross-sections. As the new data from exploration and case studies appear, the database is continuously verified and supplemented. Project Caves of Poland is a result of collaboration between Polish Society of Friends of Earth Sciences (PTPNoZ) and Geoinformation Management PGI-NRI. The project has been carried out on request of theMinistry of the Environment and financed by the National Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management. The service Caves of Poland is run by the Central Geological Database of the PGI-NRI (http://jaskinie.pgi.gov.pl).

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