ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Pierwsze stanowisko holoceńskich uskoków w polskich Karpatach zewnętrznych

Witold Zuchiewicz, Antoni K. Tokarski, Anna Świerczewska, Jerzy Zasadni, Aneta Siemińska


First site of Holocene faults in the Polish Outer Carpathians.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the first example of Holocene faults in the OuterWestern Carpathians in Poland. Small-scale normal faults at Koninki, Gorce Mts., cut both Palaeocene strata of the Ropianka Formation of the Magura Nappe and overlying coarse-clastic bedload facies of Holocene alluvium that builds a 5-5.5-high terrace step of a small valley. These NE-trending faults are accompanied by reorientation of clast a-b planes subparallel to fault planes and by clast fracturing. Such deformations must have been induced by relatively strong earthquakes, unknown from historical record of the Outer Carpathian seismicity. Fault attitude points to NW-oriented axis of the minimum principal stress, which is compatible with parameters of the present-day stress field in the Outer Western Carpathians of Poland.

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