ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Nowe znalezisko skrzemionkowanego pędu benetyta z Polski

Sławomir Florjan, Danuta Zdebska


New specimen of the silicified bennettitalean trunk from Poland.
A b s t r a c t. Described bennettitalean fossil has been found as redeposited in Jankowice near Zator. It is a fragment of silicified trunk with remains of leaves petioles and strobili. Characteristic triangular sections of petioles bases with 4–5 ribs, which used to form gutters while the plant was alive, can be seen on the surface of the trunk. In the axil of the leaves strobili were present. Long barren scales in spiral layout can be seen on the axis of a strobile. This build of the specimen resembles the Monanthesia genus, species M. magnifica from the Upper Cretaceous of New Mexico, USA described by Delevoryas in 1959. This is the first specimen of the Monanthesia genus in Poland. Until now only a few of bennettitalean trunks are known from Poland; they are, however, of the Cycadeoidea genus.

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