Ocena stanu nauk mineralogicznych w Polsce

Janusz Janeczek, Leszek Marynowski


Evaluation of the state of mineralogical sciences in Poland.
A b s t r a c t. Results of a survey conducted recently by the Mineralogical Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences among Polish geochemists, mineralogists and petrologists revealed a significant increase in a number of research articles published in ISI listed journals since the political and economic transformations in 1989 owing to the unrestricted international collaboration, better funding, unlimited access to worldwide journals and data bases and easier access to modern research equipment. Introduction of the so-called parametric evaluation of the performance of research institutions in Poland further motivates scientists to publish their papers in the most prestigious journals (category I and II on the ISI list). Relatively low impact of those articles measured by their low citation, especially by the low Hirsh index with the exception of a few authors whose papers are widely red, may have resulted from focusing on solving regional problems rather than tackling issues relevant to the whole scientific community. However, recently this trend has been reversed. The major obstacles in a more dynamic progress of Polish mineralogical sciences include limited access to modern equipment (there are only two electron microprobes in Poland available to mineralogists and none of ion microprobe) and unsatisfactory funding of research projects.

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