ARTYKUŁY GEOTURYSTYCZNE Małopolski Przełom Wisły – projekt geoparku

Marian Harasimiuk, Andrzej Domonik, Marcin Machalski, Joanna Pinińska, Justyna Warowna, Andrzej Szymkowiak


Małopolska Gap of Vistula River – projected geopark.
A b s t r a c t. At the beginning of 2010, works have been launched to establish Geopark – Małopolski Przełom Wisły (MPW). The main aimt of the works is a detailed identification and full inventory of abiotic conditions concerning: geology, relief, mining tradition and history of region’s economic development, which descends from natural factors and its valorization from the point of view of protection and possibilities of geoturistic use. One of the most important elements of scientific, didactic and geoturistic use of planned geopark is a series of formations from the Upper Jurassic to Danian, which are exposed along the banks of Vistula in the section between Zawichost and Puławy. Particularly important is the series of deposits from the Middle Albian to Upper Maastrichtian, which constitutes unique in the European scale record of the evolution of sea basin which began withthe Middle Cretaceous transgression to continue till the regression at the end of the Cretaceous. Equally significant are landscape and geomorphological values. Another favorable circumstance for establishment of that geopark is the fact that on the area covered by the project, landscape parks, reserves, natural monuments and areas of Nature 2000, as well as highly ranked cultural objects, already exist. Project works on geopark will be concluded in the year 2012.

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