Mapy geologiczno-turystyczne parków narodowych

Magdalena Kucharska, Katarzyna Pochocka-Szwarc, Joanna Rychel, Tomasz Krzywicki, Andrzej Ber, Weronika Danel, Monika Pielach


Geological-tourist maps of national parks in Poland.
A b s t r a c t. In 2010, the geological-tourist maps were compiled for the Białowieża National Park (Krzywicki & Pielach, 2010), Babia Góra National Park (Wójcik et al., 2010), Polesie National Park (Kucharska & Danel, 2010), Roztocze National Park (Krąpiec et al., 2010), Wigry National Park (Rychel et al., 2010 ). The maps were commissioned by the Ministry of Environment and their preparation financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The sets prepared for each of the above listed national parks include: a colour map with the geological and tourist legends accompanied by a comprehensive description, photos, graphs and other visuals. The maps are important tool for popularization and promotion of geotourism as they meet availability criteria. Moreover, the presentation is not only clear but also satisfactory even for a demanding tourist.

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