Katalog obiektów geoturystycznych w obrębie pomników przyrody i rezerwatów przyrody nieożywionej

Tadeusz Słomka, Marek Doktor


Catalogue of geotourist sites in areas of abiotic nature monuments and reserves.
A b s t r a c t. In 2009 the Ministry of Environment has granted the commission of preparing the ”Catalogue of geotourist sites” to the working group from the AGH-University of Science and Technology. The “Catalogue…” will include the geosites located in the areas of natural monuments and abiotic nature reserves. The interesting geological structure of Poland is a result of a variety of processes which created numerous geological objects. Many of them reveal both the outstanding aesthetic valours and the fascinating geological history, which may attract the visitors. The aesthetic valours, as e.g., monumental or unusual forms and/or unique character will draw attention of all visitors, despite their level of understanding of geological processes. The geological history will probably attract only a fraction of visitors, particularly professionals, including university students, as well as collectioners and other passionates of Earth sciences. Among thousands of abiotic nature reserves and nature monuments 150 top-class sites will be selected, professionally described and photographed. The English version of this unique book will be available, as well. It is expected that the “Catalogue…” will contribute to promotion of geosites in Poland and abroad. The project will be financed by the National Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management.

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