Geopark Góra Św. Anny – „król-tułacz” wrócił na stolicę!

Paweł Woźniak, Rafał Sikora, Krzysztof Lasoń, Marek Markowiak, Janusz Haisig, Joachim Szulc, Hans Hagdorn


The St. Anne’s Mountain Geopark – “The King Wanderer” is back on his throne!
A b s t r a c t. Due to numerous geological phenomena on a virtually small territory, the St. Anne's Mountain and its areas has an excellent chance to become one of the most significant geotouristic regions in Poland. The designed geopark, apart from its main goal which is to promote the earth education, will also affect the tourism and economy growth within the region. The area will enable us to look into the future of our planet through the prism of processes, which created its environment in the past. Discovering the earth mysteries, acquainting oneself with the contents of drafted plates, and close contact to geology will encourage people, especially the younger generation, to explore the adjacent surroundings and the whole world. The St. Anne's Mountain was given national status by the Ministry of the Environment on the basis of the review, made by the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute Upper Silesian Branch in Sosnowiec, entitled: The St. Anne's Mountain Geopark – the documentation and suggestions on its protection. Research along with observation results on the field and laboratory works between 2008 and 2010 were included in the above mentioned review.

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