O splataniu się codzienności z wielkością na przykładzie życia i działalności Śp. Profesora Józefa Zwierzyckiego

Michał Paweł Mierzejewski


The glory and everyday activity in the lifetime of Late Prof. Józef Zwierzycki.
A b s t r a c t. The life of Profesor Józef Zwierzycki was extremely interesting. He was born in Krobia, Western
Poland, under the Prussian Partition. He completed his geological study in Berlin, at Humbolt University. Then, he
worked in Netherland India (presently Indonesia), where he described metallic ores (Zn, Ag), discovered crude oil, constructed geological maps, and finally he was the chief of the Geological Survey. Jósef Zwierzycki was decorated by the Netherland Government with the Oranje - Nassau Order, the highest civil order of the Netherlands. When he came back to Poland, he was arrested by the German occupant and sent to Auschwitz. After the Second World War, he organised the geology faculty at Wrocław University, where he gave lectures on stratigraphy and economic geology. Józef Zwierzycki supplied instruction to the Government on where to search the Cu ores in Lower Silesia. Together with eng. Wyżykowski, Prof. Zwierzycki is considered as the discoverer of this famous Cu deposit.

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