Metoda określania kryteriów przemysłowości zasobów złóż kopalin z warunków ekonomicznych

Herbert Wirth, Konrad Wanielista, Jan Kudełko


Method of defining the extraction criteria basing on economic conditions.
A b s t r a c t. The extraction criteria are defined while preparing the project of deposit management (prefeasibility study), which is an obligatory part of the motion for deposit extraction concession. The extraction criteria have a descriptive or parametrical form, and geological & mining or technical & quality nature from generic point of view. Many parametric criteria may be determined basing on economic conditions, which are arbitrary assumed by investors. The methodology of their determination includes the cut-off grades, average values for the mining fields and averages for the mining areas. Such classification allows to determine the boundaries of mineral reserves and makes the deposit mining rational with regard of efficiency and utilization.

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