Pierwsze znalezisko mikrokonchidów (Tentaculita) na liściach górnokarbońskiej paproci nasiennej Karinopteris daviesii z Nowej Rudy (Dolny Śląsk)

Sławomir Florjan1, Grzegorz Pacyna, Robert Borzęcki


First find of microconchids (Tentaculita) on Upper Carboniferous seed fern Karinopteris daviesii from Nowa Ruda (Lower Silesia, Poland).
A b s t r a c t. Microconchid remains were recognized from the Zacler Beds (Westphalian) of the Nowa Ruda area in Lower Silesia. They were tentatively determined as ?Microconchus sp. They have planispirally coiled tubes ranging in diameter from 0.9 to 2.5 mm. Some of the specimens are juveniles, while the rest are possibly mature. Well-visible ornamentation in the formof transverse thicker ribs and thinner longitudinal striae are present on the tube exterior of some well-preserved specimens. Microconchids occur on the surface of the leaf of the seed fern species Karinopteris daviesii.

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