Wiek i historia rozwoju torfowiska w Pakosławicach (południowo-zachodnia Opolszczyzna) na podstawie badań paleobotanicznych

Jolanta Maj, Mariusz Gałka


Age and evolution of mire in Pakosławice (south-western Opole Province) in the light of palaeobotanical research.
A b s t r a c t. The result of palaeobotanical studies of biogenic sediments from Pakosławice made it possible to establish the age of limnic and peat sediments and reconstruct past plant communities and development phases of the sedimentary/sedentary basin. The investigated mire originated from overgrowth of a shallow lake. The lake formed probably as a result of thermokarst processes (permafrost thawing). Accumulation of gyttja started in the Alleröd to continue in the Younger Dryas and early Holocene (Preboreal and Boreal). The sedentation of peat deposits probably took place in the middle and late Holocene.

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