Tarasy Białki w rejonie Jurgowa i ich związki z lodowcami tatrzańskimi

Katarzyna Pliszczyńska


Terraces of the Białka River at Jurgów (Podhale, Poland) and their connections with the glaciers of the Tatra Mts.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents examination of views on number and age of glaciations in the Tatra Mts. and a new interpretation of palaeogeomorphology of the Białka Valley at Jurgów in the Podhale region (Poland). Author took 20 samples of pebbles (2–10 cm in diameter) from surface of Quaternary terraces. Petrographic analyses (petrographic composition of terrace deposits, weathering degree of granite pebbles and content of cracked granite) were carried out. Results of these analysis were used to estimate the age of terraces. The studies showed presence of four glaciofluvial terraces (VIb–IV) of the Riss 1, Riss 2 and Würm glaciations and three fluvial terraces (III–I) of the Holocene age. The paper also contains a description of probable glacial deposits (lateral moraines?) from the Mindel glaciation.

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