Gazohydraty – nowy rodzaj paliw kopalnych

Jerzy Zagórski


Gas hydrates – a new type of fossil fuel.
A b s t r a c t. Unconventional hydrocarbon resources in last years draw the attention of petroleum geologists. Significant position take the gas hydrates, first of all due to occurrences in many regions of the world and the size of the potential resources. These accumulations are localized in Arctic regions with permafrost as well as offshore. First gas hydrate discovery occurred in Siberian gas field Messoyakha in permafrost zone and similar
accumulations were found in Alaska. Offshore occurrences are located mainly on continental slope. Drillings and
samples from permafrost and seabed provided vast amount of data concerned conditions of gas hydrates formation and concentration and allow to better constrain the volume of hydrate-bearing sediments and their gas yield. Resources of hydrocarbons contained in gas hydrate deposits represent a vast energy source potential. Still essential problem is to elaborate efficient commercial production technology. So far positive developments regard only laboratory or semi-commercial scale.

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