Działania organów Inspekcji Ochrony Środowiska w zakresie kontroli działalności związanej z poszukiwaniami gazu z łupków

Aleksandra Skąpska


Actions of the Inspection of Environmental Protection bodies as regards control of activities related to shale
gas prospection.
A b s t r a c t. In Poland, the activity of entities using the environment, including entities conducting shale gas exploration, is subject to the control of the Inspection of Environmental Protection. The Inspection bodies ensure supervision over the geological operations and their impact on the environment already at an early stage, when the first preparatory and organisational work is executed. In order to harmonise control principles, the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection has developed "Guidelines for control of concession holders conducting activities consisting in shale gas exploration and extraction by the Inspection of Environmental Protection". The former experience from the control within this scope show proper preparation of the concession holders to the process of exploration and examination in line with the conditions set out in the concessions. Moreover, no cases of serious damage have been found, and no offences against the environment related directly to the exploration process have been identified.

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