Porównanie właściwości ekspansywnych iłów neogeńskich z Mazowsza

Ireneusz Gawriuczenkow, Emilia Wójcik


Comparison of expansive properties of Neogene clays from the Mazovia region.
A b s t r a c t. Development of building projects in the Mazovia region causes the risk of their location on the soils of specific expansive properties. These properties, expressed as swelling or shrinkage, are a serious engineering problem. Many methods are used for the evaluation of expansiveness; both direct and indirect test methods are used. Tests were performed on clays from the areas of Warsaw, Dobre near Mińsk Mazowiecki and Mszczonów. Comparative analysis of expansive properties of Neogene clays is based on the results of laboratory tests of mineral composition, grain size distribution, moisture content, free swelling and swelling pressure. The tests have shown that the expansive properties of clays from the Mazowsze region can have
extremely high values, which causes the need for individual determination of potential expansiveness for different types of clays, depending on moisture content, swelling pressure and chemistry of the environment.

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