Wdrażanie CCS a energetyka odnawialna

Adam Wójcicki


Implementing CCS and the renewables.
A b s t r a c t. Though so-called full-chain of CCS is a novelty, large scale CO2 injection into geological formations has been carried out for decades, mainly in the US and Canada. Research on various CCS aspects has been carried out for a period of decade in Poland. The use of CCS technology on industrial scale is proposed in EU as one of the means of achieving the goals of CO2 emission reduction policy, after full chain of the whole process is evaluated on a sufficiently large scale in a number of installations. Just like in case of any new technology there are opposing views against CCS. However, these views seem to be based mostly on the case of limnic eruption on the volcano in Cameroon which has nothing in common with CO2 man-made storage sites. It seems there is a strong competition between renewables and CCS in Europe on acquiring public/EU funding in the background. Paradoxically there are opposing views against the use of renewables: wind turbines, hydropower and geothermal among environmental NGOs and local inhabitants as well. Actually in case of wind turbines human and animal fatalities are known. In Poland where over 90% of electricity generation comes from coal combustion, major changes of the energy mix are not likely and feasible in not too distant future, so CCS might be a solution in a (very likely) case that EU policy on CO2 reductions is maintained and strengthened.

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