Wykorzystanie przypowierzchniowych badań geofizycznych w rozpoznaniu budowy geologicznej na przykładzie stref osuwiskowych w Karpatach

Szymon Ostrowski, Barbara Rybak-Ostrowska, Marcin Lasocki


Application of near-surface geophysical survey for recognition of the geology of landslide areas in the Carpathians – a case study.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents three examples of application of geophysical surveys carried out by the PBG Ltd. for the recognition of internal structure, geological background and mechanical properties of near-surface rock medium at major landslides in the Polish Outer Carpathians. Geophysical data were used for developing an accurate geological model of the landslides. Geological features that cannot be detected by other means, e.g. faults in bedrock, and exact location and shape of the shear plane were delineated in two-dimensional mode on the sections.

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