ARTYKUŁY GEOTURYSTYCZNE Udostępnione pogórnicze obiekty podziemne Dolnego Śląska jako zaplecze geoturystyczne

Paweł P. Zagożdżon, Katarzyna D. Zagożdżon


Underground tourist routes of Lower Silesia as geotourist objects.
A b s t r a c t. Tourist routes in the historic underground mining workings are an ideal base for geotourism. Lower Silesia is an area favoured in this respect, due to the amount and variety of such objects. They allow observation of different geological units: diversity of their lithology, mineralization, types of deposits, tectonics, as well as very interesting aspects of mining. This paper presents proposals of geotourist routes or observation sites in underground facilities described for Złoty Stok, Krobica, Kowary, Kletno and Osówka. Long and continuous lithological profiles, interesting rocks (e.g. rheomorphic granites in Osówka), signs of mineralization (löllingite in Złoty Stok, fluorite and amethyst in Kletno), numerous dislocation zones and folds, well-preserved historic mining workings (16th and 18th- century adits in Krobica) and many others are available for observation in these objects.

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