Modelowanie facjalne i parametryczne jako narzędzie analizy i integracji spektrum danych geologiczno-geofizycznych

Krzysztof Sowiżdżał, Marek Stadtmüller, Małgorzata Słota-Valim


Facies and property modelling as a tool of analysis and integration of geological and geophysical data.
A b s t r a c t. Workflow of 3D static reservoir modelling, with the emphasis on the different types of data integration is discussed in the paper. The example of two-stage integration of geophysical (seismic and well
log), petrophysical, sedimentological and reservoir engineering data within a framework of 3D static reservoir models is given. The main goal of the first stage of data integration is to obtain consistent well profiles of reservoir parameters such as: porosity, permeability, facies, water saturation. For that purpose the example of use of the following data types were presented: well logs, lab data, sedimentological interpretation, well tests and mud logging results. The second stage includes construction of structural model, defining the geometry of
analyzed geological object, facies/lithological modelling; calibration of facial and petrophysical well profiles with 3D seismic, usually represented by results of seismic inversion, seismic attributes and meta-attributes and finally, the calculation of the spatial distribution of analyzed reservoir properties.

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