Budowa cyfrowego modelu geologicznego dla Wielkiej Brytanii

Stephen Mathers


The Construction of a National Geological Model for Britain.
A b s t r a c t. BGS has recently stopped its' systematic surveying and litho-printed geological map production. Instead we are undertaking integrated responsive mapping and 3D modelling in user-defined target areas using all available geospatial data (maps, boreholes, geophysics) assessed in a single workspace. The output will be 3D geological framework models that capture the understanding and interpretation of the survey geologist. These 3D geological maps (framework models) are used for both visualisation and analysis to enable management of the subsurface. Downstream the models can be populated with properties for process modelling. These models enhance corporate datasets and can be further edited, what would then result in newer improved versions being returned to the object store.

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