ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Wykorzystanie fotogrametrii bliskiego zasięgu w badaniach tempa erozji wybrzeży klifowych Zbiornika Jeziorsko (k. Sieradza)

Piotr Majecki


Close-range photogrammetry application in research of erosion rate of the shore cliffs of Jeziorsko Reservoir
(near Sieradz).
A b s t r a c t. The shore zone of Jeziorsko Reservoir, located in central Poland, is subject to intense erosional processes, mainly abrasion, which lead to significant morphology transformation of the shore and, in some cases, to the formation of cliffs. The use of close-range photogrammetry allows evaluating the erosion rate and the identificationof the area of these changes. Currently, the morphometric data on all cliffs located on the east shore of Jeziorsko Reservoir are obtained with the close-range photogrammetry technique. The presented surveys are the first stage of long-term monitoring of the east shore of Jeziorsko Reservoir. The morphometric data of the shore will be collected over the next several years. It will enable to determine the rate and direction of abrasion processes. Combined with textural analysis of sediments, it will also allow defining the influence of geological structures on the cliff development.

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