Analiza powtarzalności wydzieleń geologiczno-inżynierskich w dolinie rzecznej

Jędrzej Wierzbicki, Agnieszka Smaga


Repeatability analysis of geoengineering layers in river valley.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents results of geotechnical and geological investigation on flood plain of the Warta River, below the Jeziorsko reservoir. It is the section of the river, where the intensive erosion process of the river bed occurs. To stop this process thresholds are built. Their efficiency depends of ground conditions, especially spatial variability of geotechnical parameters. To describe the subsoil cone penetration tests were carried out. Subsequently Authors used statistical techniques to analyze variations of geotechnical parameters. Most of all, k-means method was applied. This well known cluster analysis is one of analysis which makes dividing subsoil into relatively homogeneous layers in different part of the river valley possible. However, authors observed that in case of river alluvial 20% of variation of parameters values in layer is necessary to accept.

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