Interpretowanie stopnia zagęszczenia gruntów niespoistych na podstawie wyników sondowań statycznych i dynamicznych

Monika Ura, Marek Tarnawski


Interpretation of relative density of non-cohesive soils on the grounds of static and dynamic penetrometer results.
A b s t r a c t. Engineering geologists have at their disposal a series of penetrometers to investigate density of non-cohesive soils. Sometimes, however, they seem to give incompatible results for similar or same soils. Some researches argue that strength and compressibility of these soils are too complex phenomena to be described solely by the single parameter of relative density and they base their findings on sophisticated tests in calibration chambers. While it might be the case, one should still start form examining correlations between numerical results of field tests from various types of penetrometers. The earlier authors' studies have produced
local correlations between the results of CPT (cone tip resistance) and DPSH (number of blows) as well as between CPT and MPT (pressuremeter limit pressure). New experiments with all four continuous dynamic penetrometers: DPSH, DPH, DPM and DPL, have given encouraging results indicating possible directions of standard interpretation changes and further studies.

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