Parametry kształtu ziaren gruntowych oraz analityczne sposoby ich wyznaczania

Sylwia Szerakowska


Parameters describing the soil particle shape and analytical methods of determining.
A b s t r a c t. Particle shape is a major factor conditioning behavior of soil, which in natural conditions is very diverse and complex. For the generally accepted characteristics describing the shape of granule was sphericity, angularity and surface microstructure. Due to the lack of specified by standards definition of shape and its properties and methods of their determination, over the years developed various definitions and methods of determination elaborated by many authors. The most popular parameters were sphericity and angularity, which results in a number of possible definitions of these parameters. Due to the complicated character of the microstructure of the granule surface, this parameter wasn't defined so many and is often overlooked when determining the shape of the aggregate. On the basis of literature data atempted to compilation definition and analythical methods of determining the characteristics of the shape of the granules. In further part of work drew attention to the subject of the shape of the granules and methods of its description in the standards EN ISO 14688-1:2006 force in mostcountries of the European Union and ASTM D 2488-00 used in the United States.

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