Analiza przydatności metody georadarowej do badania stropów budynków

Bernadeta Rajchel


The analysis of the usefulness of the ground-penetrating radar method for ceiling investigation.
A b s t r a c t. Measurements were performed in order to evaluate the usefulness of the ground penetrating radar technique in engineering, especially for assessing the condition of wooden and reinforced concrete ceilings. Expe - rimental measurement results for real engineering objects such as ceilings in both old wooden and newly erected brick buildings were presented. Recognition assessment of the technical condition of a ceiling is highly important for building's stability and users' safety. Their strength and resistance to decay and pests residing in buildings are an important issue in the case of wooden beam-framed ceilings (joists), whereas their strength and resistance to corrosion as well as the depth of reinforcement, bar diameters and gauge length are of importance in the case of reinforced concrete ceilings.

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