Wpływ budowy geologicznej i ukształtowania terenu na historyczne i współczesne inwestycje inżynierskie i budowlane w Lublinie

Przemysław Mroczek


Impact of geology and relief on the historical and contemporary on the engineering and construction investments in Lublin.
A b s t r a c t. The first geological and engineering investments in Lublin related to the defense and the isolation of the castle can be dated back at least 700 years. Today, the oldest ones among them are documented only during archaeological excavations in the areas of hills/promontories in the eastern edge of loessic Nałęczów Plateau, steeply sloping down to the valley of Bystrzyca River. Over the centuries, the growing town, required number of investments conditioned by the geology (surface rocks) and relief. The city expanded to the areas of different in geology and topography. As a result of geotechnical works, implemented over several hundred years, modern Lublin is the town that could boast a number of multiage and diverse geotechnical objects. These are primarily objects designed to serve the defense, streamlining communication and also widely understood economy.

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