Ocena stateczności wybranych fragmentów skarpy warszawskiej w świetle badań geofizycznych metodą tomografii elektrooporowej (ERT)

Sebastian Kowalczyk, Radosław Mieszkowski, Grzegorz Pacanowski


The stability evaluation ofWarsaw slope selected pieces based on Electrical Resistivity Tomography survey (ERT).
A b s t r a c t. In this paper there are presented application of Electrical Resistivity Tomography method (ERT) for the evaluation of slope stability on the example of four pieces of Warsaw slope. The survey was conducted on Bielany at Farysa street, downtown close to Academic Church St. Anne, on Ursynów at Kiedacza Street and at Kokosowa Street. Selected pieces of Warsaw slope differ between therself with soil-water conditions, geometry (a slope angle and height), an urbanized terrain and hazard of landslide. In this paper there are geological cross-section for selected slop pieces, the slop stability index was calculated (F) and ERT measurements. The purpose of this paper is presentation of the processing and interpretation of data received in ERT measurements for more exact description of slop stability.

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