Wpływ gruntów nasypowych na powstanie i rozwój osuwiska

Robert Kaczmarczyk, Bartłomiej Olek, Jacek Stanisz, Henryk Woźniak, Zenon Pilecki


Influence of dump soil on the initiating and development of landslide.
Ab s t r a c t. On the basis of research and performed numerical stability analysis of two landslides, authors present issue of mass movement activated as a result of dump soils formation.The problem disscussed concern of dump soils used to build uncontrollable embankments, compensating ground surface or activate mass movement on relatively stabilized landslides according to improper liquidation by application dump soils. Significant reasons for landslides development in such conditions are instability of the soil structure, dump soil properties variability and a high sensitivity to external influences, in particular changes in moisture.

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